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Scar Revision

Scar Revision Manufacturers

Latest progresses in cosmetic surgery are capable of removing almost any kind of scars. Your treatment options are going to depend on the nature of the scar. Some of the most common treatment options are:

Steroid injections reduce the redness of a scar while laser skin resurfacing removes top layer of scarred skin and replaces it with new skin. Silicone gel sheets help in flattening keloid scars and by Z-plasty procedure, scars are reoriented and made less visible by cutting skin in a Z pattern. The dermabrasion technique fades a scar by removing the top layer of the skin whereas in the tissue expansion scar revision procedure skin is stretched over a scar and re-stitched with minimal scarring. Skin grafts help hide very big and ugly scars like burn scars and collagen injections make sunken scars less visible by filling them with collagen.

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