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Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges Manufacturers


Your smile reflects your confidence level. This can easily be affected if you have chipped or fractured teeth, broken down fillings, or teeth that are malformed or discolored. The crown is the best option to address these problems. It is basically a cap or covering which is fixed at the remaining part of the tooth. It helps in providing strength as well as natural appearance to the tooth.

Generally, two types of crowns are used

  • These are widely made up of porcelain. It provides significant strength to the teeth.
  • The most advanced technique is to use All-ceramic crowns. These don’t contain any metal impurity, yet these possess high strength.

At the clinic of Cosmetic Getaway India, our dentists first take the impression of the tooth and then made a custom crown for you. We pay utmost heed in providing proper fitting to the teeth so that no leakage or dismantling takes place.


The gaps in between the teeth not only take away your attractive smile but also adversely affect your oral health. These gaps also become the breeding ground for the bacteria as the food get stuck in these gaps. A bridge is used when there are fewer teeth missing and that too on the same side of the mouth. In basic terms, a bridge is similar to having two crowns joined together and established on the supporting teeth, with an altered false tooth in the middle to fix any gap between them. The way your teeth are supplanted relies on upon where they are in the mouth, and the state of the other teeth.

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