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About Us

Cosmetic Getaway India is established by Marina Dee , well known for her travels to india with her spiritual work now also being a patient with one of the top plastic surgeons and medical team in New Delhi India . With her own experience of being a patient, overwhelmed with joy with her results , she decided to establish a getaway experience to share with others this amazing journey of medical getaways to India .Our approach is no nonsense no unrealistic expectations , welcoming you to a experienced medical team and staff that make you feel welcomed , safe and all your needs looked after and also enjoy a holiday to remember.


At Cosmetic Getaway India our job is to make fully exclusive medical package that is tailored to your specific needs ,requirements and budget. Our office, clinics, hospitals and hotels are located in New Delhi. We liaise directly with hospital and medical staff on your behalf, collect medical assessments and client profile information, pre op and post op consultation with surgeon , complete all medical pre admission paperwork, coordinate all ground work and transfers , organize any or all travel arrangements, put you in touch with past clients to discuss their experiences.

we are available 24/7 via phone call, skype, WhatsApp or email

We offer a personalized experience to be with you in the entire journey , from pre op , post op and beyond.

It is our aim to provide patients from Australia and all over the world to be able to realize and achieve their medical holiday experience no matter what their circumstances, location or budget with full support of professional experienced staff helping them all the way .

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