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FUT Hair Loss Treatment

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This treatment is a lot like how you transplant sod in your garden or backyard. FUT technique involves slicing out a very small strip of your scalp which has healthy hair follicles and then placing it in parts of scalp which are balding. That is a very non-medical way of explaining FUT. A more scientific explanation would go this way:

FUT is an ideal hair loss treatment for androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness refers to the common pattern of balding in men wherein the frontal (temple) and top part (vertex) of the scalp experiences hair loss while the area on the lower back side of the scalp and near the ears remains largely unaffected.

The dermatologist makes a small incision in the scalp with healthy hair (donor site) and removes a very small strip of scalp with few hair follicles and the site is sewn. Then from this strip, individual hair follicles are extracted using surgical microscope. Next tiny incision is made at the recipient balding site and hair follicles are inserted into it where they will heal and become part of the scalp. Many such procedures will patch up balding parts of scalp with donor hair and bingo, your baldness will be history!

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