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Female Breast Reduction

Female Breast Reduction Manufacturers

Having a large breast size can be quite painful experience - literally. For all you women who are sick of ugly stares and misfitting clothes, Breast reduction is a cosmetic procedure that involves removing excess breast size. It is achieved by surgically removing extra fat, the glandular tissue as well as the extra skin to create a breast size which is in right proportion with the woman’s body. Over-sized breast can cause a lot of inconvenience in doing normal work as well as it can cause a lot of back pain or neck pain.

Breast reduction procedure

Under anesthesia, a key hole shaped incision is made around the areola extending vertically down to the crease of the breasts. Extra fat, tissue and skin is removed while keeping the nipples tethered to the original blood and nerve supply. The underlying breast tissues are lifted, strengthened and reshaped. Finally the nipple is repositioned as per new size of breast and the incision is sutured in layers within the breast tissue to provide god support for new breast and the external incision is closed with sutures, surgical adhesives or tapes.

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