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FUE Hair Loss Treatment

FUE Hair Loss Treatment Manufacturers

Like the name of the treatment, the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure too is quite similar to the FUT procedure. Only difference is, in FUE, instead of slicing out a strip of scalp first and then extracting individual hair follicles under microscope, hair follicles are directly individual extracted from the scalp with a special pen-shaped hand-held extraction device.

The device first isolates the grafts from the surrounding donor tissue with the help of a rotating sharp punch connected to a suction unit. Once the target graft is dissected by the punch, the suction mechanism of device pulls the graft out. This extracted hair follicle is then punched into the scalp at recipient site.

Thanks to FUT and FUE, now men and women can afford to look like Rod Stewart and Tina Turner from being someone like John Michael Stipe to Sinead O’ Conn

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