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Bridal dentistry

Bridal dentistry Manufacturers

Planning a wedding? There will be the plethora of details that need your attention. Apart from the dress, jewelry and makeup, one more thing that needs heed. It is your smile. It is your greatest accessory. It is the smile that will be noticed by everyone on a special day. A radiant and brighter smile mark a memorable impression on others. Let our cosmetic dentists help in grooming your smile.

Achieving a Bridal-White Smile

Professional Cleaning

The professional cleaning in the dental practice helps in removing the stains that can ruin your smile on a special day. The intake of food and beverages at times causes discoloration of the teeth. It also results in the emission of the foul smell from the mouth. This practice helps in restoring the whitening of the teeth. With this, you will certainly feel more confident on a special day.


It is performed after scaling. It is also known as bleaching. It is a procedure that is followed in order to remove the yellowish covering from the teeth. Sometimes the teeth grow yellowish with aging. The excessive drinking of coffee, red wine or smoking also causes the discoloration of the teeth. This procedure helps in providing whiteness to the teeth.


This is a procedure followed for teeth that are chipped, broken, cracked or badly stained or have slight gaps. In this procedure, the tooth-colored material is used to correct the chips or other cavities. Proper countering and shape is provided to the teeth. Afterward, the polishing and smoothening is also provided so that your teeth get the natural look.

Enamel shaping/ Enameloplasty

If your front teeth have an uneven contour or your canine teeth are too pointy, then enamel shaping is recommended to get the natural appearance. This procedure helps in providing proper countering which on later stages incorporated with bonding for better results

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