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Many men suffer from a condition known as gynecomastia which is commonly known as male breasts. In this medical condition, the breast size in men increases greatly ultimately almost resembling a female breast. It may happen because of heredity reasons, hormonal changes or obesity. This condition can be very embarrassing for suffering men and it does not go away with dieting or exercising. Gynocomastia manifests itself as:

Gynecomastia Procedure

Treatment options for gynecomastia include surgical removal of excess fat and granular tissue or liposuction. It may also be a mixture of both liposuction and surgical fat removal. The most common surgical procedure is the excision technique in which intra-areolar incision is made in the lower half of the areola which is the pigmented area surrounding the male nipple. From this incision, fats and tissues are removed surgically and the incision is suture back. In extreme cases of gynecomastia, the nipple needs to be repositioned after fat extraction.

Liposuction technique can be used to correct gynecomastia in cases where the breast formation is only because of excess fatty tissues. A cannula or a hollow tube is inserted into the treatment area through a small hole and it is moved in a back and forth motion which loosens the fatty tissues. Once loosened, the fatty tissues are sucked out from body by vacuum suction mechanism of liposuction device.

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