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Butt Implant

Butt Implant Manufacturers

If you have tried everything from heavy squatting to yoga and still your butt is flat and small as ever, then it’s about time you decide on undergoing a butt implant procedure. Butt implants are a cosmetic surgery procedure which is getting popular with those who want to enhance the shape and contours of their buttocks to suit their body proportions. This procedure involves surgically inserting implants into a person’s buttocks to augment its appearance, shape and size. This procedure is suited for those patients who do not have enough fat in other parts of their body so that it can be transferred to their buttocks. The silicone butt implants look and feel very much like natural muscular tissue.

The Butt implant procedure

The incision made for butt implant can be made in a manner that it is least visible. The incision can be made at following two locations:

During the surgery, the silicone implants are placed under the inside the buttocks over the pelvic bone by making small incisions. The implants can be placed in three ways:

The surgeon creates pockets for implants within the muscles on both sides of the butt. After placing the implants the muscles are closed over the implants. The incision is closed in layers for maximum strength and healing. The patient needs to lie on stomach during the healing period which is usually two weeks. Normal activities can be undertaken after 4-6 weeks.

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